Teaching Assistant® is one of Kyocera’s most powerful tools yet, a useful, versatile business application that let’s you create, print, grade, and analyze bubble sheet tests on-demand. 100% customized, extremely accurate, economical and secure, it is indispensible for schools and corporate training. Take a look.


Features & Specifications

Teaching Assistant streamlines the task of printing, grading and analysing multiple-choice tests using popular bubble-sheet forms. All you have to enter into the device is the amount of questions, possible answers and sheets you need. To correct the test, simply fill out the key sheet marked with the bar code label and scan it in before entering the students’ answer sheets. The MFP will then be able to assess the test according to your answers automatically – the various results charts can be printed, sent to your email address or saved on an USB stick. The whole process can of course be managed directly from the MFP’s intuitive and easy to use touch screen menu.

  • Set up and print tests: Create tests directly on the device and print them out in one step, without the need of expensive pre-printed media.
  • Automated grading: Scan the forms and the completed answer key sheet to receive the individual grading for each student.
  • Test reportings: Get a summary and detailed report of the test, including bar graphs, histograms and test statistics with just one click.
  • Via USB or Mail: Choose whether you want to print results and reports, save to USB flash drive or e-mail them directly.
  • Keep data secure: To protect student confidentiality, all data related to the test is automatically cleared from the device after the user exits Teaching Assistant.
  • No PC required: The application is completely device based.