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A chemical manufacturer could not scan directly from their MFP to their Microsoft SharePoint cloud storage, resulting in a cumbersome, multi-step process.


By combining Kyocera color MFPs with Kyocera’s SharePoint Connector, files are now efficiently, securely scanned to the cloud directly from their MFP.


A chemical manufacturing company needed an efficient way to store their sensitive documents. And with locations in several countries, easy, shared access was imperative.

Their current MFPs couldn’t scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint Online, slowing them down. After an assessment from a Kyocera dealer, they switched to Kyocera color MFPs with Kyocera’s SharePoint Connector, a business application enabling them to scan directly from the MFP to the SharePoint cloud.

Now they can easily, securely scan into document libraries in their SharePoint cloud storage, as well as browse and retrieve previously stored files to print on demand in a significantly streamlined process.


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