Medical college staff and students sharing an outdated, overworked fleet of coin-operated MFPs. Plus a time-consuming, costly Scantron grading system.


Divide and conquer… with ECOSYS desktop printers for the staff, and an efficient fleet of MFPs for all, loaded with Kyocera NetViewer, PaperCut, Kyocera Teaching Assistant.


A chiropractic college was seeking an alternative to their coin-operated MFPs. They sought bids to address several issues:

  • Expense – costly to maintain
  • Inconvenience – the need to carry coins
  • Demand – students & faculty competing for devices
  • Inefficiency – limited control of the network

Only the KYOCERA Dealer provided solutions for all their needs. They installed a fleet of KYOCERA ECOSYS desktop printers solely for staff use, and 16 new KYOCERA MFPs loaded with PaperCut, allowing any user to pay with a swipe of a card.

Thanks to KYOCERA’s NetViewer, administrators could monitor, maintain and update all devices locally and remotely. And with KYOCERA’s Teaching Assistant they streamlined the task of printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice exams.

Students and staff were delighted. No more coins! The new system was easy, convenient and more economical due to the reduced cost of hardware, maintenance and supplies.

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